"minimillu" is the collection of Ugur Imamoglu's graphic design work. The name "minimillu" is the child of Ugur's two passion, minimalism and illustrations. Also the great cartoonist Hergé's TinTin books inspired Ugur to draw since his childhood. As a tribute to Hergé, name of the TinTin's dog milou [milu] is part of the name.

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Architect based in Istanbul. Graduated from Yildiz TU with honors degree. Earned his master degree from Pratt Institute and won "Academic Excellence Award." Focused on digital fabrication and designing autonomous structures during his masters education. "Robotic Micro Housing" project selected for the cover of InProcess 22 which is the Pratt's annual publication for selected projects of the graduating class. Project also inspired next generations of MS Architecture program. During his professional career worked with Eray Carbajo Architects and BG Architects. Throughout his professional career won several awards. Currently, working on minimillu, competitions and exploring new fields of design.

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